Read Jon Liew

To understand football, or sport, and its relationship to life, read Jonathan Liew. If you can only read one sports writer, read Liew. When he is absent from these pages, even for the few days as it must be, there is a hole. No offense intended, but the gap with everyone else is galactic. And I love that it is by this particular Englishman. Turning to the article, I would bet, anything, that as the game ended and Harry Kane and Son Heung-min looked across at their bitter rivals, not-too-deep down inside they would want to play on this flowing, open, flexible and together team under a manager that trusted his player’s creativity. I have no doubt of it.

Arteta leads joyful Arsenal resurgence in contrast to Conte’s pragmatism

Jonathan Liew
Jonathan Liew at the Emirates Stadium
Sat 1 Oct 2022 13.21 EDT

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