Cause Soon ‘Nuff We’ll Die

So much silly controversy around a viral video that blew up the Web this week and showed an in-studio first kiss of ten pairs of strangers. The three-and-a-half-minute video, shot in black and white, moved a lot of people: 51 million in less than five days. That’s a lot of love.

But a backlash ensued. Contrarians for the most part, they took issue with the fact that the video was done as an Ad for a clothing company (of four employees!), and that some of the strangers were musicians and models (friends of the four people!). This group seemed sincerely outraged at the overwhelming positive feeling spawned by a simple conceit. This reaction was sad, really; they seem so . . . unhappy.

For the rest of us–or me at least–the immediate intimacy wasn’t surprising. It did not flow from some innate exhibitionism of would-be musicians and models, as some claimed. It was quite obviously because they were human, and in being so, we long for touch and can get lost in a moment. You can see it in the way each pair circled each other just prior to their embrace. And you can even see it in the one couple that didn’t quite get there. I imagine that this exact dance plays out with some great frequency each Thursday, Friday and Saturday night across the globe. I’ve had my share. Of both.

But here’s the thing for me. The best part of the video, was the song. Soon to become that song. The Times reports it sold 10,000 copies in two days. I’ve just had it in a loop on YouTube . . .

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