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Everything Tiger.

TW Matters is a play on words, of course. This blog is about matters related to Tiger because Tiger does matter. He is the greatest golfer of our day, perhaps all time, and he stands at the marvelous, multifaceted intersection of sports, culture and politics. Whether you love him or hate him, he is without doubt one of the most compelling and controversial sports figures of all time. However, he is also one of the most complex and fascinating men of our time.

TW, if anything, is quintessentially American, and like all elemental things, his experience tells us much more than we know, or may want to know, or concede about the whole. When he crashed and burned a couple of Novembers ago, the world seemed to crash with him. Certainly we learned more about the man than we knew (although some of us did suspect), but it told us much more about us. How do we create, think about and nurture our heroes and icons and greatness.  “I am Tiger Woods” repeated person after person in a momentous commercial from a couple of years ago.  We will never see that commercial again, however, we suspect that its claim still remains true.

We created this space to host conversations on these issues, share our perspective and to hear what other smart, interested people have to say. We know you are out there. The text messages we exchange among ourselves on the weekends and the conversations we have had with strangers in airports, office hallways and coffee shops insist upon this. We also see you on the dozens and hundreds of comment posts that appear almost weekly. Whether you will come here, we cannot guarantee; but build it we will.

One more thing we should say. Yes, some of us (well, one of us) swear like sailors.  But do note that it is tasteful and organic, never gratuitous: it flows with the point. If not as facile or hilarious or impactful with the f-bomb or its kin, avoid it to make sure we are not forced to take down your otherwise wonderful comment.  Be sharp and witty and insightful. Be respectful and not unnecessarily mean. We do not like mean people.

Here’s to the beginning of the best TW community in the world.


TW Matters

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