Sometimes People Have To Understand We Are Human Beings

Following football passionately as I have recently, it is somewhat unsettling to see the venomous, fickle criticism leveled at players by pundits and fans alike. People who are unlikely to have the heart, dedication and perseverance to walk in the shoes of their targets. It is so much easier to write, or talk, than to do. What is most remarkable is that the criticism, often hyperbolic, is quite unfair and mean-spirited, it’s central purpose to sell papers, or advertising, or a brand. It’s the time we live in.

Yaya Touré really seemed to suffer an extraordinarily bad year last season in this regard. Mario Ballotelli was far worse, and maybe one day I will write more about that, but today, I’ll pass on some words of insight and wisdom about footballing and life that Yaya said in an interview a day or so ago that you might want to hold on to.

I think last season people are talking all the time. For me I’m quite surprised. Last season was not the best season for us, but second in the table I think is not bad at all.

There’s been a lot of criticism about me but it’s not been a bad season. Twelve goals and I won the Copa for my country; it’s not bad at all. I know what I want, I know what I have to do, I don’t care what people are saying about me.

I’m not back – I’m always there. People have to understand football is not talking about one player, it’s about the team. The team did a massive job [against West Bromwich], we played very well, against a difficult side. West Brom have a good manager, good players and experience in the Premier League and the team played brilliantly. Full credit to the team.

Sometimes people have to understand we are human beings. Things can go wrong [even] when you are fully focused in your job, you love your job and want to win all the time. My job is to make people happy and myself happy as well.

Sometimes people criticise you unfairly. But we don’t care what they say. I love my job, I love playing football and I don’t worry about what people are saying about me.

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