Good People Fail

Arsène Wenger

Been regretting my recent conclusion that Arsène Wenger should step aside because, frankly, he comes across as a good guy. A nice man.

I don’t know him, of course, but there has been nothing about the way he has conducted himself that suggests anything but a quality individual. He is thoughtful and reflective, balanced and nuanced. He suggests honesty, and the most important quality of all, integrity. You can have a coffee with him, or a pint, and likely find much to talk about. He strikes me as that professor we use to like talking to.

His pregame responses this week, in what promises to be another Man City blowout of the Gunners, remind me again of this. And, frankly, who am I — any of us really — to judge. The last is my favorite.

We are in a society where there are thousands of opinions every day. Some go for you and some go against you. It is a period where every game is a definite judgment for ever, but life is movement and life is change. It is having disappointments and transforming them.

I have given my word and I always respect my word. My word is my word. So will I definitely stay? Yes, unless I decide otherwise.

People who have managed zero games have opinions. We have to accept that. I have leaders in my team. We conceded the equaliser to Swansea with Kim Kallstrom, Mikel Arteta and Mathieu Flamini in midfield. We had plenty of experience and you can still concede goals.

We have changed our style, having lost midfielders like Vieira and Petit. We don’t find them any more. But do we not play Fábregas or Wilshere because they are not as tall as Vieira? You have to take the players we have.

I question myself a lot. If I have one quality – or one flaw – it is maybe that.

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