Defining Cool: Patrick O’Neale, football coach, 45 (London)

I like to wear one thing that stands out – today it’s the boots, by Oliver Sweeney – and the rest I’m not worried about. I’m in trainers or football boots all week, so I like to have on a nice pair of shoes the rest of the time.

Today’s a Jimi Hendrix day – that’s what I’m listening to right now. I love the man, I love the guitar. When I’m cruising around, I like to plug myself in and get myself going.

I’m very much a family person. I live with my wife and two beautiful children. My nine-year-old son kiteboards, too. Right now, my perfect weekend would be spent with my family at the beach, or by our pool at the house, just chilling and listening to music.

Weekender: Patrick O'Neale

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